Since 2007, I have specialized in Postpartum Depression (PPD) and related mood disorders following studying with Karen Kleiman, LCSW, expert on PPD and author of "This Isn't What I Expected."

An understanding of symptoms can help patients understand that PPD is a real mental illness which occurs for a period of time following the birth of a child. It's important for you (and those in your immediate support system) to understand: 

  • You didn't do anything wrong to bring on your experiences with PPD. 
  • PPD is treatable if brought to the attention of a professional who is experienced in the treatment of PPD & related perinatal disorders. 

Please take a moment to explore the symptom checklist and risk factors for PPD below. Click here to schedule a free consultation with Jill. 

Review the following list of symptoms and check all that apply. Do not be surprised if you check many or most. This is very typical for women who are experiencing symptoms after childbirth. This list is not an indication of how severe your depression is, but it will help you determine whether you should bring your concerns to your doctor’s attention.

_ I feel nervous much of the time
_ I am not eating as much as I usually do
_ I have difficulty sleeping
_ My mind races with thoughts, worries
_ I am unable to concentrate
_ I have thoughts that scare me
_ I am afraid to tell anyone how bad I feel
_ I am more irritable than usual
_ I cry more often than I usually do
_ Sometimes I would rather not be here
_ I feel guilty about the way I feel
_ My feelings make it hard to function
_ I experience physical problems
_ I am having anxiety attacks
_ I am afraid to be alone
_ I feel over/under attached to my baby
_ I wonder if I will ever feel better

Risk factors do not cause postpartum depression, but they can increase the likelihood of experiencing it. Being aware of risk factors will help you understand what you are feeling and enable you to protect yourself in the future.

 _ I have a history of postpartum depression
_ My family has a history of depression
_ My family has a history of anxiety
_ There was depression during pregnancy
_ I have a history of severe PMS
_ I have experienced suicidal thoughts
_ I have considered hurting myself
_ I have a history of drug/alcohol abuse
_ I have been told that I’m a perfectionist
_ I do not have strong social support
_ My marriage is not stable