Solutions-Based Couples Counseling 

There are subtle laws and principles that guide relationships. When you’re unaware of these principles, problems can arise and leave you feeling upset or confused. By learning how to use the principles of relationship in a positive way, you can create your ideal relationship- even when your starting point is a difficult reality. By working with a therapist who uses a comprehensive, solutions-based approach to couples therapy, you'll uncover the skills necessary to:  

  • Understand how you uniquely relate to each other          
  • Understand what needs to change, and why                       
  • Resolve anger, hurt and resentment                                    
  • Restore passion and romance    
  • Build a permanent solid foundation
  • Rebuild safety, trust, and security                                    
  • Learn effective win/win communication
  • Learn each other's special language
  • Remove the obstacles and roadblocks

To discover how counseling may benefit your relationship, call to schedule a consultation.