Walk & Talk Sessions

An Exciting New Option For New & Existing Clients 

Walk & Talk Sessions are just what they sound like: rather than having our session in an office, we'll go for a walk together.
Walking Sessions are a growing trend in psychology, and for good reason: 

  • Modern life can be far too sedentary; many clients simply want to get moving, jump start their exercise routine, or just spend time outside during therapy 
  • People who work at a desk all day may be more drawn and committed to sessions that include movement 
  • Research shows that movement and connection with nature can help ease anxiety and depression 
  • Physical movement can help clients move through difficult issues or get "unstuck" 
  • Coupling therapy with an enjoyable activity like walking can help clients stay on track and committed to their health and wellbeing 

My home office is in a perfect location for Walk & Talk Sessions: we can walk in either direction on the beautiful High Line Canal. The path is dotted with benches so that we can take a break, and is typically quiet. You get to set the pace; we can take a slow, meditative stroll or get moving quickly. The canal path is quiet, scenic and dotted with benches perfect for rest. 

Give me a call! I would love to discuss whether Walk & Talk Sessions may be the right fit. >>